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Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and Integrity

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics is the embodiment of our values and our dedication to integrity in the delivery of our services. It lays out the principles under which we operate and helps us put policy into practice every day. It also sets forth the guidelines needed to support compliance with all federal healthcare program requirements and the provision of high-quality patient care.

We are dedicated to caring for our patients in the same way we would care for our families and loved ones. Accordingly, we all have an obligation to report possible violations of our Code, our policies, or the law. Employees who seek advice, raise a concern, or report suspected acts of misconduct in good faith are complying with our code and furthering our mission. AZ Hospice Care and its family of healthcare providers does not tolerate retaliation or retribution against anyone who raises an issue or concern in good faith.

Reporting “in good faith” means that you are sincere in your attempt to provide honest and accurate information, even if the concern you raised is later found to be inaccurate.

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