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Covid 19 Information

During this global pandemic, the CDC is advocating that everyone limit public contact as much as possible, but you still need tailored care. AZ Hospice Care has set out to maintain the safety and health of both our patients and staff.


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AZ Hospice Care delivers medical excellence with dignity for our patients and families. Our clinicians have undertaken specific COVID-19 training and are equipped to give excellent care anywhere you call home. Rest assured, we are taking every protection to safeguard you and your loved ones from the spread of the virus.

Every clinician must pass a daily health screening before being approved for patient visits.

Coordinating care with your physician and other team members will now take place by phone, instead of in-person meetings.

We are performing risk assessments on every patient referred to and on our services.

We are limiting in-person visits when requested by using telehealth technology to monitor patients.

We have restricted access to our branch locations, we are allowing screened visitors only.

All employees are adhering to federally mandated travel restrictions.

If a patient who tests positive or is under examination for COVID-19 is admitted to our care, our team will follow the Arizona Health Department and CDC recommendations for personal protective equipment. Clinicians will put on the equipment before entering the patient’s home or facility, remove it once they exit, and dispose of it there. Also, any medical supplies used during their care will remain with the patient.

AZ Hospice Care is dedicated to your care and your family’s wellbeing, as well as the health of our community. We can manage your pain and symptoms and provide your hospice care safely from your home.

In response to the growing concern for the COVID-19 Virus, AZ Hospice Care has established an internal committee to manage the fast-changing environment from both clinical and customer perspectives. Our team is in communication with the CDC and other Federal Agencies responsible for handling the pandemic.

Here are a few things you can expect from AZ Hospice Care

Implementation of a FEPP form so our clinical teams can follow the specific plans of each building


Adherence to the latest CDC policy and procedures for clinical staff working in acute and post-acute facilities

A national supply vendor who works closely with AZ Hospice Care to provide PPE

Strict travel policies for quarantine of any employee who has traveled outside the US or traveled on a Plane

Limitation of any visitors to our office locations and limited meeting that are required by CMS


Ongoing updates by our Director Of Nursing and Administrator for all patient care clinicians

Screening document for all new patients to assess risk

 Immediate screening of any staff showing any symptoms


Immediate 14 day quarantine for any staff with confirmed exposure

How AZ Hospice Care Can Help

Our Clinicians are equipped with digital copies of information for families
Ability to meet families off-site or over the phone
Rapid admission process to better facilitate discharges of patients going home

Ability to provide bedside phone calls from our clinicians to patient families